A Little Bit About Me

From very early on in life, I have enjoyed making things. Things like radio shows, stories, magazines, pictures, and films. And as I grew up and tried a lot of different creative endeavors, this occurred to me: When you're making, it can be a lot of fun to embrace the chaos. But if you don't make a plan, spend time on the craft and its proven techniques, or have clear goals and objectives: all you might end up making is a mess. 

I believe constraints and planning provide more inspiration, higher quality creative solutions, and better results. And I have brought that thinking and planning to bear on many projects I have led over the years, mostly with fantastic outcomes. 

Because I have played so many roles in my career: copywriter, information architect, account manager, producer, developer, business development lead, actor, director, etc., it's given me a valuable perspective on how people work together, and what makes organizations and groups work well.

And I realized that I really like to make things work better. And I'm good at it. So we should talk if you're a start-up or small to mid-sized business looking for some help with that.