The Good News: I've worked with some of the world's biggest brands, and I can tell you for sure that you have two things in common: You want more customers, and you don't have a huge marketing budget.

The Great News: I know how to help your small business take advantage of efficient, effective tools and techniques that will bring you new customers, and help you keep your current customers coming back.

My Services

Product & Campaign
Audits & strategy

The goal here: make sure all the dots are connected every place your customers connect with you. After a thorough audit of your digital marketing, we will make a solid, reasonable plan that includes social media presence, e-commerce store
set-up/enhancement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website optimization, email campaigns, and photo and video content.



Time to roll up our sleeves and make stuff, like: marketing copy and design, blog posts, product photography, demo videos, promotional emails, podcasts...

All of this has one goal: 
Bring You More Customers. 


agency consulting

I am also available to collaborate with agency teams to successfully deliver solutions to your clients: 

  • E-commerce implementation
  • Integrated content production
  • Website / app development and deployment
  • Product management
  • Digital strategy
  • Account Management
  • Project Management

Performance Measurement

Once that SEO is tweaked, that social media content is live, and those emails have been sent, we can see what worked, and what needs a little more work, using tools and techniques that are cost effective and will help your business grow.